Sunday, 18 November 2012


Noella Kyser's "Offerings"

Although Noella Kyser's collages appear as whimsical  eye-candy to the emotional eye, they are upon closer scrutiny, deliberate metaphorical depictions of growth and malleability that bear an essentially hopeful perspective about "life"; a necessary ingredient for remaining humane in today's less than jovial world. As I look around the white walls of the north gallery where Offerings hangs, I'm struck by the work's attitude of freshness and simplicity in symbolic relation. The surrounding white walls are a world in itself, a vessel with ground, nurturing the seeds of art in it's shell both born of and sheltered from the skeptics' world outside.

Joanne F. Filletti's "Glorious Forms"

The colour and movement in the earth tone nature of Glorious Forms provokes a raw reading of the process of creation; namely, in order to grow as an artist and a human being, she always starts at the beginning, her origin. In the dramatic blur of the spontaneous eruption of life, there are no unrealistic aberrations of stylized contours, memorized lines separating negative and positive space, softening of strokes, nor accents of artifice in colour or narrative. Gesture is the original form, tone is the gradation of light playing on the form, and the form itself is rooted on the ground from whence it was born. Joanne Filletti has undertaken the responsive task of leaping from habitual re-production of typical forms into the making of ones more glorious, more aggressive and more real.

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