Sunday 26 February 2017

More from January 14th!

Here, have some more pics of Andrew Barker's CD release party (featuring Mannerisms).


Sunday 12 February 2017

See what ELSE you missed on January 14th!

There's always something cooking at GAS! January 14th had the reception for The Drawing Show in the afternoon (pics of which have already been posted) and in the evening we hosted an album release party for Andrew Barker/East Side Confectionery Records featuring special guests Mannerisms! The album is called Low Moon.

Here's a little taste of the tunes from that night. Video courtesy of Carmen Toth.

Want to hear a little more from that night? Yeah you do!

Okay, last one:

East Side Confectionery Records will return to GAS on March 24th with performances by Craig Lindsay Robertson and special guests The Bop Fi's. Stay tuned!

Saturday 11 February 2017

See what you missed on February 4th!

If you weren't able to make it to the reception for The Heart Show, here are some pictures to ogle! But also, the show itself will be up until February 19th so it's not too late to come check out the art in person. :)

See what you missed on January 14th!

Check out these pics from our reception for The Drawing Show:

This amazing anatomical jean jacket is painted by and worn by Sue Parisella, who also made the highly entertaining drawings of cranky vegetables in the background. We're told she has a science background so the natural world is kinda her thing, artistically speaking. :)

This is Marsha Wineman, who "drew" her figure studies on fabric using a sewing machine. The technique adds a beautiful textural quality and causes the pieces to cast their images on the wall behind them when the light shines through.

On the right: Bethany Davis, who contributed two gorgeous, layered pencil drawings to the show.

Bethany was all smiles that day. :D

Sue Parisella, hobnobbing in front of her hilarious, character-filled vegetable drawings.

On the left: Max MacDonald, who contributed some excellent figure drawings (but what we see in the background here is Bethany's two pieces).

I do believe that's Elizabeth Forrest on the right. She pasted a huge piece of paper directly onto the gallery wall and drew a big dramatic swirl on it (you can see a woman in a red skirt checking this out about eight photos up)