Saturday 11 February 2017

See what you missed on January 14th!

Check out these pics from our reception for The Drawing Show:

This amazing anatomical jean jacket is painted by and worn by Sue Parisella, who also made the highly entertaining drawings of cranky vegetables in the background. We're told she has a science background so the natural world is kinda her thing, artistically speaking. :)

This is Marsha Wineman, who "drew" her figure studies on fabric using a sewing machine. The technique adds a beautiful textural quality and causes the pieces to cast their images on the wall behind them when the light shines through.

On the right: Bethany Davis, who contributed two gorgeous, layered pencil drawings to the show.

Bethany was all smiles that day. :D

Sue Parisella, hobnobbing in front of her hilarious, character-filled vegetable drawings.

On the left: Max MacDonald, who contributed some excellent figure drawings (but what we see in the background here is Bethany's two pieces).

I do believe that's Elizabeth Forrest on the right. She pasted a huge piece of paper directly onto the gallery wall and drew a big dramatic swirl on it (you can see a woman in a red skirt checking this out about eight photos up)

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