Saturday 6 April 2024

Folklore- new solo exhibit by Carman McCabe

Lovely opening for member Carman McCabe 
Saturday April 6, 3- 6pm.

See pics below, artist with friends and family.

Carman McCabe with friend


Friday 5 April 2024

 Another fabulous night with Regal Road 

playing to a packed house 

March 28 @ GAS



Faster Presents

some juicy music on

Saturday March 23rd @ 7:30pm 

 HAPPY APPLE featuring Allison Cameron (small amplified objects) and Joe Strutt (hedgehog, apple, synth, effects)

 Brian Abbott and Ryan Kinney (guitars)

 Andrew Kay, Kayla Milmine (soprano saxophones) and Bob Vespaziani (wave drum)

 "Job's Anguish" - a composition by Brian Abbott featuring Liz Lima, Brodie West, Andrew Kay and Paul Newman - CLARINET QUARTET!!

Awesome evening of awesome music! Thanks to Brian Abbott for putting this evening together. 

electronic duo
Allison Cameron & Joe Strutt

guitar duo
Ryan Kinney & Brian Abbott

Kayla Milmine, Bob Vespaziani & Andrew Kay

clarinet quartet
Andrew kay, Liz Lima, Brodie West & Paul Newman.
conducted by Brian Abbott