Sunday 25 February 2024

The Textile Show, February 21 - March 10


Thanks to all the artist for your submissions that created this beautiful show and to everyone who showed up to celebrate these stunning creations.  Another fabulous reception!!                                                                                        
The participating artists are:  Liliana DeIrisarri, Jill A. Prenger, Gunnel Hag, Sheila Thompson, Beverley Baird Lane, Deborah Kirkegaard, Sheila Moore, Ioana Bertrand, Marsha Wineman, Timur Napoles, Hildegarde Sausik & Carolina Reis.

Liliana DeIrisarri

Sheila Thompson

Beverley Baird Lane

Deborah Kirkegaard

Marsha Wineman

Timur Napoles

Hildegarde Sausik

celebrating with friends & family

Thursday 8 February 2024

The Heart Show, January 31- February 18.

Another fabulous opening reception @ GAS!

Thanks to all the fabulous participating artists. They are:

Rita Hisar, Brianne Haydon, Lisa Wilson, Dana Green, Bill Ward, Dahlia Sawwan, Jill A. Prenger, Kay Compagnoni, Michele Cross, Liliana DeIrisarri, Skye Cheung, Zia Foley, Jyne Greenley, Cheryl Daniels, Andrew Lindell & Lisa Herrera.


Drew Lindell

   Liliana DeIrisarri

Zia Foley

Bill Ward

Cheryl Daniels

Brianne Haydon (Bit2Y)

Dahlia Sawwan

Lisa Wilson

Dana Green

Jyne Greenley

Skye Cheung

Director Joanne Filletti beside work by Kay Compagnoni

& friends