Wednesday 25 July 2012

Eclectic Mix Opening

The unusual suspects in a mug shot at the opening:  left to right, Elycia Sarwer-Forner Androsoff, Emily Boros Rausch, Eric Ferguson, Oliver Knight, Ray von Sylvestre, David Cyrenne (missing are artists Kesang Nanglu and Gervais Nash)
It was a busy and vibrant opening reception for our new show of emerging student artists: Eclectic Mix.  Recent graduates and current students of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts and OCADU students have combined forces, resulting in this very diverse visual presentation of abstract and figurative work. 
Show runs from July 17th - August 5th

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Sunday 15 July 2012

ECLECTIC MIX  emerging student artists                     

July 18 - August 12, 2012                                
Opening Reception  July 21  7-10

Kesang Nanglu
Elycia Sarwer-Foner Androsoff
Gervais Nash
Ray von Sylvestre
Emily Boros-Rausch
Oliver Knight
Eric Ferguson
David Cyrenne

GAS is pleased to present this student show of recent art works.

The notion of “student” is an interesting one; it qualifies a time in one’s life.
I would like to suggest that the choice to pursue the creative arts in any serious way, is to surrender the notion of student as a state of mind and status for a mere compartment of time and instead as a lifetime achievement.

That being said, even us students, from time to time, need to test the waters and put our representations of the world out there. For some here, it is their first time. A brave act indeed. Whatever the outcome, whatever form it takes, may it not be their last.

As a long time student, it is exhilarating to say the least, to be surrounded by the thoughtful honesty and courageous statements of those just beginning. Perhaps because it is so easy to abandon or misplace, the tentativeness of those wonderful qualities, unhindered by self doubt and hesitation, makes this work that much more precious: something to savour and enjoy.

Joanne Filletti

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Saturday 7 July 2012


During this weekend's TD Festival of South Asia on Gerrard St. East, GECO will have a photo/info display inside the back room of GAS. The exhibit will feature photos from various community events including Earth Day, Rally in the Alley, The Rail Garden's many get togethers and garden progress, Social Fabric quilt project and The Great End-Of-School Bike Parade. The installation will also include informative displays of current GECO initiatives. Please drop by, say hello and scan the pics – you're sure to find a familiar face (or two).  

Gerrard East Community Organization (GECO) hopes to foster a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration while working towards a vital and dynamic neighbourhood for all.