Saturday 26 November 2022

Jason Kenemy & Friends " In the key of the night" W Jerry Leger & introducing Liyah

 Thank you all who came out to enjoy this wonderful evening filled with friends, family, art, and music. What a gift to have this group of musicians join us and bring joy to our ears and a smile to our faces as we enjoyed the night away listening to them play.  A big thank you to the musicians the filled our night with joy and music.

Friday 25 November 2022

What? This Old Thing? A studio clear-out - A solo show by Matt G Wood

Thank you all who came out to Matt's reception. Was a great day filled with friends, family, and the joy of art. Was a pleasure and a joy having Matt's friends and family come and celebrate this wonderful show. Matt's show will be on until Dec 4th, please come on by before the show ends. It's a must see!