Thursday 21 September 2023

Joanne Filletti, September 13- October 1, 2023

I imagine walking into a room that I’ve walked into a hundred times before.
I no longer recognize it.
It’s as if someone has rearranged the furniture, and removed a few items in the process.
I confuse time and space. 
I don’t remember important family events and even deny they happened.
Familiarity is foggy and eventually loses loses its place altogether.
I can’t remember what I did 15 minutes ago never mind yesterday.
I can’t find my words, like I can’t find my slippers which I believe someone has stolen. 
Perhaps the same person or persons who have rearranged my furniture.
It feels like someone is stealing everything from me - my thoughts, my words, my memory.
It’s a cruel form of identity theft. 
And there is no way to get it back.
A life erase

pics from reception September 13

Artist Joanne Filletti with Ashley & Jette

Max & Mila

friends & family

sister Kim & nephew Jonnie with baby James

Tony, Jim & Keaton with kiddos

 Kathy, Anne Marie, Joanne & Joan Lawless

Keaton & Jette

Jim, Jo & Drew

member Carman & daughter Susan


Asma Sultana, July 19- August 6, 2023

Long Lost Lullabies
solo exhibit by Asma Sultana

In 1971 Bangladesh was a victim of war crimes perpetrated by an occupying foreign military and local collaborators. Systemically, women were brutally raped and impregnated; some were aborted, but many were born and adopted by foreigners. We forgot all the sacrifices to achieve a country and a flag for our identity. Our memories are confused by the politics, religion, and aggression of troubling historical discourses. Many Bangladeshis knowingly or unknowingly carry the wound of that unrecognized genocide; this is the time to revisit the forgotten history of our liberation war and the forgotten memories of the children of the war.

Artist Asma Sultana & member Olga Philip


Saturday 15 July 2023

Darkroom July 8 & 9

Rangaai Theatre Company's immersive sensory experience, Darkroom V4.0.
Discover 3 story segments, 30 micro stories, blindfolds, audience interaction, and a captivating sensory experience. India's longest running immersive experience is now in Toronto!

Saturday 1 July 2023

The Members Show

The Members Show
June 28- July 16 
Reception July 1, 3-6 pm

With works by 
Melanie Isis Tinken, Carman McCabe, Matt Wood, Dana Green, 
Jyne Greenley, Joanne Filletti, Marilyn Vasilkioti, Peg Graham, Glenis Steuart, 
Lynn Kain, Beverley C. Howell, Gail Cooper, Kay Compagnoni, Carol Gold, 
Olga Philip & Asma Sultana.

Asma Sultana

Carman McCabe & Matt Wood

Jyne Greenley

Jyne & friends