Sunday 30 May 2021

Lauri Maitland Solo Show



Artis Statement

In a time where we covet the new, have we lost the ability to appreciate the past? It seems we are a society focused on the pursuit of the “younger, newer”, focused on obtaining the unobtainable.  By trying to possess the future do we no have appreciation for those that created before us. The focus of my work is on seeing the beauty in the discarded, items people have left behind, deemed no longer of value. As time and exposure to the elements - paints, molds, changes the surface of objects and nature slowly claims what has been thrown away, I have chosen to show the splendor in what is not shiny.   I focus on the beauty not of what was but what it is becoming, of something that can not be made by man but only created with the passage of time.  The partnership I create between my self and my medium is a perfect reflection to the fragility of an objects state of worth at any given time and yet highlights it naturally beautiful elements in its present state.

“I came to see the damage that was done and the treasures that prevail” 
Diving into the wreck by Adrienne Rich

 Artists' Process 

"My main material is the glass, and most of the glass I use is hand rolled so I feel like I am taking over where an other artist has left off. The glass has a life all its own, it interacts and plays with the light. I take a scene and break it down to its components and the planes they exist on and then recreate it on multiple panels that when stacked together once again tell the story.My work is really a partnership as once I place the panels in the kiln my control over the process is limited. I can set the right temperature for the right amount of time but how the enamels react and what the glass does is up to science and a little luck."

Please find below a sample of Lauri's work and description.  To view complete show, click here.

Iron Wheel 

This piece was the first in the series and really set the tone of appreciation for items that have weathered the storm and endured. The texture and colour that replaced the original shiny metal surface are like scars covering years of wear. The broken and peeled bark along side the wheel only echo natures ability to change and adapt.


Ford Tough

This picture was first given to me  a photographer friend who came across the truck in Thailand. I love the way that nature has started to reclaim it as grass grows out and around the engine and grill. Originally parked and abandoned by man, nature is finding a new purpose for it as it becomes part of the landscape and shelter for small animals and birds.

Please visit our website to view more of Lauri's work.  The work is exhibited online only and purchases could be made by email, phone or e-transfer.  Any purchased artwork will be handed at curbside.