Thursday 22 November 2012


FROM THE FRIDGE DOOR art classes for children and youth is beginning this coming Saturday (November 24th) and Monday (November 26th). For registration and more info visit

For the Preschooler and those 4-6 yrs old these 8 week sessions are quality art programs created to develop skills in observation, fine motor, colour sense and use of space. Learning about different artists and their work will help to engage and inspire as we work with watercolour and acrylic paint, charcoal, chalk pastels, clay, plaster and more…bring an apron because things will get messy! Students will also participate in an art show to complete the session!

For school aged 6-12 yrs these 8 week sessions students will work on still life paintings to abstract sculptures students will further develop their creative skills and begin to gain a sense of personal style. Colour theory, composition, line and form will be introduced as students create with a wide variety of wet and dry media and sculpting materials including acrylic paint, plaster, water colours, wood, clay and pastels. Students will host an art show to complete the session!


  1. I really appreciate for your brilliant Efforts on spending time to post this information in a simple and systematic manner.

  2. For info on art classes please see website. We are updating for fall schedule.
    Or kindly send an e-mail with your inquiry.

    GAS admin

  3. Awaiting a Blog post on how did your Art Classes go ?