Friday, 1 June 2012

Marlene Pape:  Keep Looking Up
June 1 - 21, 2012
Reception  Saturday June 2   6:00 - 10:00 pm

GAS is pleased to announce a new show of figurative paintings by Marlene Pape, showcasing the "perfectly imperfect" themes of skyscape, birches and staircases.

For Marlene's bio and artist's statement, read on
Artist’s Statement - Marlene Pape
Artist Marlene Pape has had a long and winding road to her current passion, which she began in 2005. From teacher to clothing designer to model to interior decorator, she finally found her passion in the profession that is an ideal fit with her temperament and lifestyle. A loner at heart, Marlene loves the solitude inherent in the process of painting. Working from her home studio, she can paint whenever inspiration hits, while at the same time have the flexibility to work around her two children’s school schedule.          
Since the beginning of her career as an artist seven years ago, Marlene has been fascinated with trees and clouds and the figurative concept of looking up or being drawn toward the light. According to Bill MacLean of the Beach Metro News, "(Marlene’s) skies (are) large colourful, impressionistic and fanciful paintings that feature a landscape or seascape, dwarfed by the immense and powerful sky. Their size, combined with the surreal, captivating light, often leave viewers convinced that there is a religious aspect to these works.” (Beach Metro News, May 15, 2012)           
Marlene continues to be fascinated by clouds, their endlessly changing beauty, and by trees (especially birch) which she describes as ‘perfect imperfection’. Both skies and trees will be featured in her current show, “Keep Looking Up”, at the newly opened, Gerrard Art Space/GAS. This show will also feature her ‘signature’ abstracts, in which she uses the method she calls ‘scraping’, a many layered effect that creates random relief.  She is very excited to be having her 7th solo art exhibit at the Gerrard Art Space/GAS, from June 1 - 21. This show will feature 40 new paintings ranging in size from 16”x16” to 5’x4’. Along with the trees, abstracts and skies, Marlene will also introduce her new series of staircases. These dramatic renderings incorporate both her abstract scraping technique and the mysterious light that people always seem drawn to.         
For Marlene, every single painting is like re-inventing the wheel, the same swirl of emotions: initial doubt, excitement, frustration, anticipation and finally, (hopefully), relief and satisfaction when she pleased with the final result. Marlene is humbled and honoured that people bring her works into their homes and feels grateful that, with the continued support of her friends and family, she can pursue her passion on a daily basis.

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