Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fun Was Had!
                      and funds were raised, at our first (of many) music nights.                           
Saturday June 23 was a night to remember.

It all started with a casual conversation, a simple plan to help out some local musicians and the new kid on the block, Gerrard Art Space.
Before I knew it 3 music acts were lined up and a date was set.

Borsky Cai. What can I say about Borsky Cai?  This young man, with an innate talent for taking a Canadian classic and infusing it with such enthusiasm, that it was as though hearing the song for the first time.The sing alongs were infectiously joyful, as infectiously joyful as Borsky himself, and as unforgettable. 
A great opening act, setting the tone for the night.
Sam Cash – not only a true rep for the east end where he was born and raised, the very neighbourhood where GAS now resides, but also as a representative for the past and future of what was, still is, and will continue to be a great and dynamic Toronto music scene. 
Sam has a voice that evokes a calm confidence. His music is self assured and lovely. He sings like he has no other choice; like it's destiny and he has fully embraced it, completely aware and grateful for this gift, this opportunity. As are we. 

I am not quite sure people were expecting the spectacle of music and performance fused together that is the Woodshed Orchestra. I was sure of two things – that their performances are never the same twice and that they are always entertaining  and fun. The kind of fun where you just want to grab a pot and use it as a drum and make some noise and jump around and grab a friend and jump around with your friend and jump around some more and go outside and drag people in off the street and wave and jump around some more and maybe dance a little and respond to the call, that all is very alive and well, remembering that music and jumping around and clapping your hands and stomping your feet can be really really fun.

And that it is really, really fun seeing a room full of faces, glowing from smiling so much. The fun people that make up the Woodshed Orchestra are: Karen Ng (saxophone), Julia Hambleton (clarinet), Nick Bulligan (tuba), Dave Clark (band leader and snare), and Jason Kenemy (bass drum).

I just wanted to thank every single soul who showed up and made it all very real.
I also want to send a special thank you to Donna and Ray who I rely on to make GAS run, and to Jason Kenemy, the music curator who made sure this all happened. And to Max MacDonald, who shared his photos.
That is what it was like Saturday night at GAS.

There will be more, so don’t worry if you missed it. (But don’t make that mistake again.)

- Joanne

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