Thursday 21 September 2023

Joanne Filletti, September 13- October 1, 2023

I imagine walking into a room that I’ve walked into a hundred times before.
I no longer recognize it.
It’s as if someone has rearranged the furniture, and removed a few items in the process.
I confuse time and space. 
I don’t remember important family events and even deny they happened.
Familiarity is foggy and eventually loses loses its place altogether.
I can’t remember what I did 15 minutes ago never mind yesterday.
I can’t find my words, like I can’t find my slippers which I believe someone has stolen. 
Perhaps the same person or persons who have rearranged my furniture.
It feels like someone is stealing everything from me - my thoughts, my words, my memory.
It’s a cruel form of identity theft. 
And there is no way to get it back.
A life erase

pics from reception September 13

Artist Joanne Filletti with Ashley & Jette

Max & Mila

friends & family

sister Kim & nephew Jonnie with baby James

Tony, Jim & Keaton with kiddos

 Kathy, Anne Marie, Joanne & Joan Lawless

Keaton & Jette

Jim, Jo & Drew

member Carman & daughter Susan


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