Saturday 22 July 2017

The 506 Streetcar Show asks artists to reflect on  Canada's 150th birthday, our  history,  heritage, determined, in many ways, geographically  by a national railroad connecting east-west Canada; describing, in many ways, how we came together as a country. Diverse as it is vast, stories describing oral histories have been shared and continue to be- some heroic overcoming great odds, some very sad and tragic, some still being created. A vast country with as many stories to describe it, attempting to explain it. The 506 Streetcar route is a snapshot of that east/west travel, rolling through several different neighbourhoods, whose citizens speak  many different languages, hold many different religious beliefs, and whose stories may be as different, with perhaps a surprising common link or two.
We are asking artists to tell a visual story that reflects this part of our history, or your personal part of this history; whether it is local or national and how you relate and identify as a Canadian. Tell us your story.

The 506 Show, June 28- July 16.
With works by Grethe Jensen, Jody Conley, Elizabeth Forrest, Grace Law, Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Sheila Thompson & Mira Evans.

Reception Thursday June 29

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