Wednesday 17 September 2014

New exhibit @ GAS

MATT WOODSheet Goods: Paintings On Plywood
Wednesday September 10- 28

Matt Wood
Sheet Goods: Paintings on Plywood 
September 10-28, 2014

Matt Wood presents a controlled yet deeply expressive collection of new works that are as esthetically pleasing as they are involving. 

Sheet Goods is an intriguing compilation of work, bold not just in Wood’s overt use of bright colour, but in the range of landscapes presented in each piece. Classically Canadian is his attention to environment, Wood captures a variety of figurative and more literal expressions of the scenic world we inhabit. Vaguely reminiscent of a more modern and interpretive Group of Seven, Wood’s work exudes a freedom of movement usually dampened by the heavier paint medium and rarely so enthusiastically portrayed with such mature delicacy. 

Wood’s approach and technique are consistently engaging throughout his exhibit, demonstrating skill, care, and a commitment to a more simplistic reflection of typically over-thought expressions. Easily described as fresh, Wood seems to emanate a more playful Gerhard Richter, using a similar layering and scraping away technique, while maintaining a more open attitude towards colour experimentation. Wood’s toying with horizontal and vertical movement keeps Sheet Goods cheerful and accessible, light and yet just as resonating. 

More importantly, Sheet Goods is comprised of moments. Despite his penchant for movement, Wood has allowed each piece of plywood to hold hostage a moment in time, a touch of an event, capturing a tension in each that is as fleeting as it is grounding. Sheet Goods: Paintings on Plywood is an exhibit not to be endured, but easily and thoroughly enjoyed. 

- Greer Brabazon for Gerrard Art Space 

Pics from the opening, Saturday September 13, 7 - 9
Matt sold half his work that evening! From all @ GAS, congratulations Matt on a beautiful show. Well done! 

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