Monday, 7 October 2013


Thanks to all for coming out to celebrate with us. It was a fun night and the perfect primer for Nuit Blanche. A really great (long!) night !!

The Printmaking Show is up until October 20. Drop by for a peek before then.

Thanks to Heidi Hamilton, photographer and GAS gal for the pics below.

Getting ready for Nuit Blanche...

Actor Christopher Sawchyn was performing at The Circus Of Gravity and later at Sick Kids for Nuit Blanche. Christopher also teaches "Clown" at GAS Wednesday evenings. We are so thrilled to have Christopher,  a lovely, passionate and totally dedicated artist, on board at GAS. 

The Drawing Room. 

Our weekly drawing session, where we sometimes draw directly on the wall when space permits. 
Come on out, Thursday nights if you can. 
We would love to have you there, 7- 10 pm, $15.

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