Sunday, 3 March 2013


We are pleased to announce The Drawing Show, which features works on paper by both members and non members in the north and south galleries. Opening reception this Sunday March 3rd at 3pm. The show runs until March 17th. Please join us for this eclectic mix of work.

On The Drawing Show:

The human figure has held viewers and artists attention captive for millennia. What is it about this subject that holds such persistent fascination? Well, it's us; ego, rawness, vulnerability, subjective beauty/ugliness and its hybrid state in relative circumstances. 

Many of these drawings portray the figure in movement (gesture), others are more refined, evoking examples of "us" (using the model for inspiration) in states of repose or inward contemplation. Silence, frozen movement, and snapshot are terms that characterize the figures portrayed on these walls, be it a gesture or subject in durational repose. 

Some would say our natural state is not as it is in such depictions because we are the antithesis of the human figure as still life- unless sleeping or dead (still life/ nature mort: a term reserved for the tradition of representing inanimate objects as they are seen in their exact state of reality). 

Come out to our opening and explore such concepts and more!

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