Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Archive Show March 30 - April 17, 4 -7 pm. Reception Sat April 2nd, 3pm - 6pm.  

The art historian Hal Foster's 2004 essay "The Archival Impulse" defined archival art as a genre that “make[s] historical information, often lost or displaced, physically present. To this end [archival artists] elaborate on the found image, object, and favor the installation format.” Archive related work has included personal or social historical research, the Internet (projection),  the memorial (mini installation), found objects (curatorial), an imaginary archive(photography). GAS invites artists to submit their archived work. Please  devise and bring to the gallery items  supporting the presentation of your archive.                              

With works by Elizabeth Forrest, Max MacDonald, John Alexander, Julia Patterson and Dean Bradley.

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