Sunday, 23 July 2017

This summer GAS had the pleasure to host the Eclec-Tic-Toc Fest,  Friday july 14 & Saturday July 15.
Organized by the amazing and tireless Neal Retke, Eclec-Tic-Toc Fest brought together 20 bands from as far away as Brooklyn, New York. 
Some of the acts: James Bailey, Money House, Lorne Shapiro, Brian Abbott, Body of Waste, Darling Cora, Bit Reduction, MIKL132( Mickie Lynn), The Bim Prongs, Ben Grossman, Cheryl Q, Barry Prophet, FASTER, Group Improv with Irrevery & Valerie Kuelne. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Home Show July 19th-30th
With works by Emmanuel Albano, Dana Green, Susan Aaron, Dyvie Aquino, Lynda B. Hattin, Carolina Reis, Bernadette Wycks, & Matt Wood.

Reception Thursday,  July 20th

What makes a home a home? Have you ever lived in an unconventional space - a commune, a tent, a squat - and called it home? Does "home" have to be a physical structure at all? What does "home" feel like? These are some of the questions we've asked our contributing artists to ponder. We hope you enjoy what they've come up with!

and that's the end...

      Bruha's Cupboard Presents Pop-Up Market @ GAS                            
                                                                     July 8th 10am-4pm

Always a treat and a surprise with Bruha's Cupboard pop-up markets. With a wide variety of local, handcrafted, unique, goodies. Both for the belly and for the soul. A must check out!

The 506 Streetcar Show asks artists to reflect on  Canada's 150th birthday, our  history,  heritage, determined, in many ways, geographically  by a national railroad connecting east-west Canada; describing, in many ways, how we came together as a country. Diverse as it is vast, stories describing oral histories have been shared and continue to be- some heroic overcoming great odds, some very sad and tragic, some still being created. A vast country with as many stories to describe it, attempting to explain it. The 506 Streetcar route is a snapshot of that east/west travel, rolling through several different neighbourhoods, whose citizens speak  many different languages, hold many different religious beliefs, and whose stories may be as different, with perhaps a surprising common link or two.
We are asking artists to tell a visual story that reflects this part of our history, or your personal part of this history; whether it is local or national and how you relate and identify as a Canadian. Tell us your story.

The 506 Show, June 28- July 16.
With works by Grethe Jensen, Jody Conley, Elizabeth Forrest, Grace Law, Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Sheila Thompson & Mira Evans.

Reception Thursday June 29