Sunday, 21 May 2023

Beautiful show of recent works by Olga Philip until June 4.
See pics below from reception May 20


Saturday, 29 April 2023

Ethel Shoul & Marcus Berns, April 26 - May 14

Ethel Shoul & Marcus Berns

Scissors, Paper, Steel

April 26- May 14

Wonderful reception! Thank you all for making it out.
Please see pics below.

The Square Foot Show, April 5 - 23


The Square Foot Show

April 5 - 23 

with works by 

 Jason Allies, Ioana Bertrand, Liliana DesIrissari, Lisa Herrara, Christina Kayastha,

Zarah Letitia Shaffaf, Kay Compagnoni, Zack Rosen, Gitte Hansen, Dahlia Sawwan, Jennifer Tsuchida, 

Glenis Steuart, Marisol Claire Carillo & Hee J. Jo

Sunday, 26 March 2023

Regal Road, March 23

The joy in the room was palatable. 
We hope Regal Road will be back soon. 
And when they do return you do not want to miss it.
This band is superb.

Regal Road is:
Rebecca Auerbach, Jack Nicholson, George Meanwell, James McEleney, Paul Braunstein &
 Ajineen Sagal


The Watercolour Show, March 15- April 2

Watercolours- a deceivingly difficult material. 
These works truly impress!


Zack Rosen

Zack Rosen & Marsha Wineman

Participating artists from left:
Marsha Wineman, Zia Foley, Jane Shaw, Eveline Marron & Jackie Gallagher

Zia Foley

Marsha Wineman

Jane Shaw

Eveline Marron

Jackie Gallagher

Jackie, Marsha, Eveline & Jane

Faster Presents: Tone Cathedral & Amrita, Feb 25

Wonderful evening of music. Thank you Brian Abbott & Kayla Milmine