Monday, 29 July 2013


FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food & installation series.

This month features dinner by Dan Bedard.

Ian Kehoe (Attack In Black) creates folk inspired pop ballads with his evolving ensemble Marine Dreams. Music from the country somehow lost in the city. Honest sentiments, hope & the expression of something so small & close, that it appears gigantic.

The ever transforming project of Lisa Conway (Del Bel) mixes organic string textures, samples & drum machine electronics coated in the silky voices of a choir lead by Miss Conway herself. Languid lounge music rhythms intermingle with draw out folk forms, informed by a sense of classical composition. Conway's voice moves trough the notes as if wrapping them in a present. Her songs are concise, but never to the point of lacking emotion. Sparking the perfect balance between electronic & acoustic sounds, this is sure to be an inspiring performance by an ever evolving mind.

Two of Toronto's most inspiring singers, songwriters & soul sisters preform a special set of duets. Drawing from folk traditions and neo-soul revivalism, these ladies create music that is both powerful and delicate. Their voices dance like perfect partners, swaying with a careless abandon, only true sisters can posses.

Self described "no wave surf" trio of D. Alex Meeks (Hooded Fang, Clarinet Panic), Lendl Barcelos & Jason Doell play tightly knit improvised music. Often angular, repetitive grooves morph rhythms into new forms. Never a dull moment, as this trio constructs & deconstructs itself creating the guise of composed structure encapsulating a mutating jenga tower of notes & phrases. A not to be missed rare appearance, that may not reoccur for some time as these world travellers are soon set to depart.

Environs by Joele Walinga (

All Ages!

Friday August 9th @ 20:00.

$7 Adv at Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records.
$10 at the door

FREE dinner with adv. ticket!

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