Wednesday, 7 March 2012

About GAS

Gerrard Art Space is an artistic collaboration built on memberships, providing for its members simple consistency - a place to show  and share the fruits of their labour.

GAS offers a meeting place where artistic endeavours mesh, providing opportunities for collaboration, clarity and transparency. In an educational context, artists will be able to commune with curious members of the public seeking to explore their creative side.

The gallery is divided into a South and North space. Shows in each gallery happen simultaneously. There are 46 memberships available, and guarantees a show slot for every artist, in 18month cycles. Shows run approximately for three weeks.

GAS is not a co-op, therefore no volunteer time is required.

Either gallery space may be rented for educational purposes, poetry, spoke word and film nights.

Have an idea for an art related event? Please send in your proposal.

GAS is also available to artists who would like to rent on a one, two or three week basis. Both the North and South Gallery is available for this option.

GAS is now accepting submissions for memberships. If you are interested, please email for more details.

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